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Last Name First Name Residence
Allen George NY Private
Allen James VA Patriotic Service
Allen John VA Sergeant
Altizera Emera VA Private
Anderson James VA Patriotic Service
Anderson William VA Ensign,
Patriotic Service
Anthony Jacob PA Private
Atkinson Samuel VA Patriotic Service
Avery Ebenezer CT Lieutenant Colonel,
Civil Service
Bacon Oliver NH First Lieutenant
Baker George PA Private
Barker Zebediah MA Sergeant
Bates Moses MA Private
Bates Theodore MA Private
Bates William MA Civil Service
Beebe Ezekiel MA Noncom
Bitler John PA Private
Blank George PA Noncom
Bowen Lilly VA Patriotic Service
Bowen Robert VA Captain
Bricker Peter PA Patriotic Service
Briscoe William VA Captain,
Patriotic Service
Bristol Abraham NY Private
Britton John VA, NJ Private
Brokaw George NJ Private
Brotherton William NC Private
Brown Leonard NC Patriotic Service
Burbank Abijah MA Captain
Butler Joel VT Private
Carpenter Elisha MA Patriotic Service
Cary Joseph MA Patriotic Service
Chambers John VA Private
Christy James VA Private
Churchill Nathaniel CT Private
Churchill Nathaniel, Sr CT Captain
Close Jabez NY Private
Coe Joseph MA Private
Colburn John MD Private,
Patriotic Service
Cole Francis MA Private
Cole John NC Patriotic Service
Collins Thaddeus MA Private
Cooper Zebulon NY, PA Private
Cox John PA, NJ Lieutenant Colonel,
Patriotic Service
Craig John SC Private
Crawford John NY Private
Crutchfield Henry NC Patriotic Service
Crutchlow James PA Private
Cunningham John NJ Private
Cushman Consider NY Private
Daggett Samuel MA Lieutenant
Dague Frederick PA Private
Davis William PA Corporal
Dean Micajah NJ Private
Dickinson Elisha CT Patriotic Service
Dinsmore John NH Patriotic Service
Dodd Allen NC Patriotic Service
Dodd Nathaniel VA Patriotic Service
Dodge Noah MA Soldier
Drake Benjamin VA Patriotic Service
Du Bois Martin NY Private
Eastman Richard NH Patriotic Service
Elwood Abraham CT Private
Emerson Nathaniel NH Lieutenant Colonel
Esselstyne Richard NY Major
Etheridge Henry SC Sergeant
Etheridge Samuel SC Private
Failing John NY Patriotic Service
Fancher Abraham NY Lieutenant
Farley Matthew VA Patriotic Service
Farwell Josiah NH Civil Service
Firestone Daniel PA Private
Foster Jedediah MA Civil Service,
Patriotic Service
Foster Theodore RI Civil Service,
Patriotic Service
Foster Thomas CT Private
Fuller Stephen CT Captain
Funk Michael PA Private
Gaulden William VA Private
Gee William NY Major
Gillespie David NY Sergeant,
Patriotic Service
Grant Elisha MA, CT Private
Graves Ann VA Patriotic Service
Green Job RI Lieutenant
Gregory Hezekiah CT Private
Grumbine Leonard PA Private,
Patriotic Service
Harsh Henry PA Private
Heaslet Andrew PA Private
Hemingway Isaac MA Private
Hess Christian NY Sergeant
Hinckley Ichabod CT Captain,
Civil Service,
Patriotic Service
Hobbs William NC Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Holland Moses VA Noncom
Holmes Nathaniel NJ Lieutenant,
Patriotic Service
Hottel Jacob VA Private
Houtz John VA Patriotic Service
Hull Henry VA Private
Johnston James PA Private
Johnston Nathan SC Private, Civil Service
Kent Cephas VT Patriotic Service
Keyes Joseph NH Private
Kimball Stephen RI Lieutenant Colonel
Kimbrough Eleanor NC Patriotic Service
Kinter Peter PA Private,
Patriotic Service
Lamberson Lawrence NJ Private
Lamphear Nathan RI Private
Lawrence Benjamin SC Lieutenant
Liles Lewis NC Private
Lindsey Abraham CT Private,
Civil Service
Lowther William VA Major,
Civil Service
Marshall Gilbert VA Patriotic Service
Matthewson Abraham RI Civil Service
Mccreary Alexander NY Private
Mcpherson William NC Patriotic Service
Meader Jehu VA Civil Service,
Patriotic Service
Mercom Jacob PA Private
Merrick Gad MA Private
Morrison Francis PA Private
Nevius Christian NJ Private
New William NC Private
Newkirk Abraham PA Private
Nichols Daniel NH Corporal,
Civil Service
Northrop Isaiah MA Private
Oldham William VA Captain
Palmer John NY Private
Patterson Thomas NH Patriotic Service
Peebles Robert MA Private
Penfield Nathaniel CT Civil Service
Penrod John PA Civil Service,
Patriotic Service
Phinney Isaac MA Civil Service,
Patriotic Service
Pinson Aaron NC Patriotic Service
Pond  Joseph MA Private
Price Phillip MD Civil Service
Price Reece NC Patriotic Service
Price Thomas VA Patriotic Service
Randall Jethro MA Private
Ray Timothy CT Private
Ray William MA Private
Register William PA Private
Robinson Edward VA Soldier
Robinson Edward, Sr VA Patriotic Service
Root Eliazar CT Private
Roush Jacob VA Soldier,
Patriotic Service
Ruggles Benjamin CT Lieutenant,
Civil Service
Russell Matthew SC Patriotic Service
Russell Thomas NC Private
Russwurm William NC Lieutenant
Sample William NC Soldier
Schmeisser Michael PA Lieutenant Colonel,
Patriotic Service
Seeley Samuel CT Private
Severance Daniel NH Private, Civil Service
Sherman Daniel MA Corporal
Sherman Roger CT Civil Service,
Patriotic Service,SDI
Sherwood Albert CT Ensign
Shirley John VA Patriotic Service
Sloan David NC Civil Service,
Patriotic Service
Smock John NJ Soldier
Snell Peter NY Private
Stanley George CT Lieutenant,
Patriotic Service
Stark John CT, NH Sergeant
Stark Moses NH Private
Stovall John NC Patriotic Service
Straw Jonathan NH Civil Service,
Patriotic Service
Stribling Thomas SC Soldier
Stults Adam VA Patriotic Service
Sudduth William VA Corporal
Tabor Water RI Sergeant
Taylor Reuben NC Patriotic Service
Thorp Reuben NJ Private
Timmerman William NY Sergeant
Turner Lemuel MA, NY Sergeant
Utter Josiah CT Patriotic Service
Van Alstyne William NY Private
Visscher Eldert NY Private
Waight Isaac SC Civil Service
Wall John CT, NY Private
Walters Charles CT Sergeant
Warner Nathaniel CT Private
Watson William MA Captain
Weisel George PA Private
Wentworth John MA Private
Wetmore Seth CT Patriotic Service
Whaley James VA Patriotic Service
Wheeler John MA Private
Whitney Jason MA Private
Whitney Jonathan MA Captain
Wilcox Amos CT Lieutenant Colonel,
Patriotic Service
Willard Moses NH Civil Service
Wilson William PA Private
Winck Jacob PA Private
Wolfe Johann PA Private,
Patriotic Service
Wright John NC Soldier
Wygant John NY Sergeant
Yeomans Daniel CT Civil Service





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